Diamond Search Tips

Please Note about this diamond list:

  1. This diamond list is currently set to GIA only with NIL or faint Fluorescence. 
  2. This diamond list does not include GST.
  3. If you want other diamonds eg A 1.50 carat Round with Medium Fluorescence then, Yes, it will be cheaper, but please contact us.
  4. This diamond list is connected to our worldwide diamond suppliers (who sell diamonds each minute) so if you want a specific diamond a deposit and confirmation needs to be paid to guarantee that exact diamond.
  5. Quick Tips below:

Firstly, search diamonds by your preferred 'SHAPE' if you like a few shapes that's fine, just select 'Round' and 'Oval' for example. Select a large enough size range, eg. 1.0 carat to 1.09 carat. Select a large enough 'COLOR' range eg. D to G colour. Select the Certificate 'GIA' please.


Secondly, now you can view an individual Diamond and it's certificate details. This range is limited to the standard engagement diamonds so if you're looking for a strong fluorescence or another CERTIFIED LAB REPORT then please contact us directly. Select the blue price to receive more information.

Thirdly, select 'LEARN MORE' to view the details of the GIA report for that one diamond.

Fourthly, the GIA certified report is revealed and can be found at www.gia.edu